Real Galloway Beef

Finely marbled, rich and succulent, Real Galloway Beef is naturally delicious. Beef from Galloway cattle is known for its tender texture and excellent flavour, and it tends to be high in protein, minerals and anti-oxidants. Real Galloway Beef is ideal for people seeking premium red meat from sustainable, pasture-based systems with high animal welfare.  As one of the oldest and purest native cattle breeds in the world, Galloway cattle are famed for their hardiness and thrive on upland landscapes where they are considered to be ‘conservation grazers’; with their gentle grazing action supporting rich biodiversity. 

I called for the minimum level of labour, concern and cost whilst, at the same time, strived for a premium quality product which consumers valued. I discovered the solution in the Galloway.

Jim Fairlie, Logiealmond, Perth

The feedback we get from butcher and consumers is always amazing; it is so rewarding to produce a product that ticks all the boxes.

John Teare, Ballavair, Isle of Man