Chef Chris Walker with Scotch Galloway Beef Sirloin

Aldi Launches Trio of Scotch Galloway Beef Joints

Aldi has teamed up with three renowned Scottish chefs to inspire people to try an exceptional range of Scotch Galloway Beef joints this Christmas.

Tender and full of flavour, Galloway beef is rarely available in supermarkets and Aldi’s trio of joints offer incredible value for money. Aldi’s Scotch Galloway Beef Sirloin Joint (£14.99 per kg), Scotch Galloway Beef Rump Joint (£8.99 per kg), and Scotch Galloway Beef Joint wrapped…

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Galloway Cattle

10 reasons why Galloway Beef is meat you can feel good about

1.            Galloways are conservation grazers, improving the biodiversity of the landscapes they graze.

2.            They thrive on natural, grassy, upland landscapes that are not well suited to other purposes.

3.            They have an extremely thick hide and coat, which keeps them warm in Scotland’s cold, wet climate.


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Galloway Beef is meat you can feel good about

Meat You Can Feel Good About

The Galloway Cattle Society is encouraging people to support native breeds during the festive season.  Launching a new campaign to promote Galloway Beef, the Society claims Galloway Beef is ‘meat you can feel good about’ due to its positive environmental credentials, nutritional value and the benefit it brings to local businesses.  

The Galloway is one of the oldest and purest native cattle breeds in the world…

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Stuffed Galloway Fillet

Recipe: Galloway Beef Fillet Stuffed With St James Smoked Salmon with Meaux Mustard Mayo, Hickory Glazed Silverskin Onions and Whisky Sauce


  • 4 200g Galloway Beef Fillets
  • 100g St James Smoked Salmon (Man o’ Swords Cure)
  • 50g Meaux Mustard
  • 1tbsp Stock Syrup (equal quantities of sugar and water boiled together)
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Steak Tartare

Recipe: Galloway Beef Steak Tartare with Fermented Garlic Emulsion, Pickled Beetroot and Quail Egg


  • 1 Galloway Beef Tail Fillet
  • 1tsp Cornichons (pickles), diced finely
  • 1tsp Minced Capers
  • 1tsp Shallots, diced finely
  • 4…
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Galloway Brisket

Recipe: Pulled Galloway Brisket on Toasted Sourdough with Smoked Paprika Mayo and Braised Red Cabbage


For the Brisket

  • 10KG Galloway Beef Brisket
  • 5 Large White Onions
  • 12 Cloves Garlic
  • 100g Rock Salt
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Galloway Beef Rib Eye

Recipe: Dukkah Spiced Galloway Beef Rib Eye with a Soy Emulsion, Yuzu Gel and Charred Onion


  • 1 Onion
  • 50ml Light Soy Sauce
  • 1tbsp Stock Syrup* (for mayo)
  • 150ml Mayo
  • 50ml Yuzu Juice
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Galloway Beef on Landward

Galloway Beef on BBC Landward

Galloway Beef was the star of the show on BBC Scotland’s Landward on 10th October. You can watch it for another couple of weeks on iPlayer.  

Presenter Dougie Vipond visited Jock Rome and met his herd of Galloways. Jock spoke about how the thick, insulating coat of the Galloway changes the distribution of fat in the beef.  He said:…

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The Galloway Scotch Pie will be launched at the Galloway Country Fair

Galloway Beef partners with Galloway Country Fair

A Galloway Beef Scotch Pie will be launched at the Galloway Country Fair this weekend as the Galloway Cattle Society partners with the Galloway Country Fair to showcase Galloway Beef.

World Champion Scotch Pie baker Kerr Little, from The Little Bakery, Dumfries, visited the Estate recently to serve up a batch of his award winning pies – and they’ve been given the seal of approval from four year old Holly Brynes.

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The Galloway Gourmet Burger

Chef Fraser helps launch Galloway Gourmet Burger

The first burger to be made from quality assured Real Galloway Beef launched in Aldi stores across Scotland this weekend.  The Galloway Cattle Society has supported the creation of the Galloway Gourmet Burger as part of a project to make Galloway beef more identifiable and more accessible.  

The burger was unveiled by the new Chef Ambassador for Real Galloway Beef, Fraser Cameron.  The 21 year old chef is originally from St…

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