The Galloway is one of the oldest and purest native cattle breeds in the world. Originating in south west Scotland, they are famed for their hardiness and can thrive on rough or upland landscapes where other breeds would struggle. Galloways yield beef of the highest quality and they are in great demand by many local butchers whose customers look for prime, naturally reared beef.

The Galloway breed is ideal for people seeking red meat from sustainable, pasture-based systems with high animal welfare. The breed can finish naturally and easily on a grass or pasture fed system and being naturally polled, they do not need de-horning.

Galloways have a thick double-layered coat that is wavy or curly. This thick coat of hair insulates their bodies so well that they have a minimal outer layer of fat on their bodies. Galloway Beef is known for its tender, fine texture and good fat marbling, which gives the meat excellent flavour. Galloway meat tends to be high in protein, minerals and anti-oxidants, while low in cholesterol and saturated fat and the marbled fat has an exceptionally good Omega 6:3 ratio.

The Galloway cow is known for its maternal instincts. They tend to be long lived and to produce calves easily, with many cows producing regularly into their teens and beyond. This affords them an excellent quality and length of life with the freedom to express their normal behaviour in natural habitats. Galloway calves, both pure and crossbred are hardy, vigorous and have a ‘will to live’ that gets them up and nursing quickly on their mother’s rich milk.