10 reasons why Galloway Beef is meat you can feel good about

1.            Galloways are conservation grazers, improving the biodiversity of the landscapes they graze.

2.            They thrive on natural, grassy, upland landscapes that are not well suited to other purposes.

3.            They have an extremely thick hide and coat, which keeps them warm in Scotland’s cold, wet climate.

4.            That thick hide and coat makes the meat particularly tasty, dispersing fat well through the meat to add flavour.

5.            The Galloway is one of the oldest and purest native cattle breeds in the world, buying Galloway Beef helps protect this ancient breed.

6.            Galloways are popular for controlling weeds, rushes and purple moor grasses on hill land.

7.            The diverse forage they eat contributes to the depth of flavour and tenderness of the meat.

8.            On upland pastures their unselective grazing improves the natural herbage for wildlife by removing roughage.

9.            Galloways are an easy care breed that can be out wintered, making them a great choice for farmers. 

10.          They produce exceptional quality beef; rich in flavour, deeply marbled and beautifully tender. 

Enjoy Galloway Beef this winter.

Good for the environment.

Good for local business.

Good for you!

Galloway Cattle