Galloway Beef on BBC Landward

Galloway Beef was the star of the show on BBC Scotland’s Landward on 10th October. You can watch it for another couple of weeks on iPlayer.  

Presenter Dougie Vipond visited Jock Rome and met his herd of Galloways. Jock spoke about how the thick, insulating coat of the Galloway changes the distribution of fat in the beef.  He said:

“They have a lot of intramuscular marbling, which is the wee flecks of fat that are through the beef.

“They don’t have a big slab of fat subcutaneously, which on the edge of your beef is not doing anything for the cookability of the beef, you need it throughout the beef, and that’s typical of all native breeds, but particularly the Galloway, who are very closely linked to these old Celtic cattle. Galloway Beef is the best in the world.”

Fancy trying Jock's Galloway Beef? You can order it direct from Kilnford.

Galloway Beef on Landward