Gourmet Burger

Inspired by the Gourmet Galloway Burger on the lunchtime menu of The Globe Inn, in Dumfries, Chef Fraser Cameron has adapted his restaurant recipe to make it easy to recreate at home. The focus of this recipe is firmly on flavour and stacking – layer on pickles, smoked cheeses and flavour infused mayo for a restaurant quality treat.

  • 1 pack seeded brioche buns
  • 2 packs Galloway beef burgers
  • 1 jar gherkins
  • 1 jar red onion chutney
  • 300g mayo
  • 1 pack smoked cheddar slices
  • 1 head romaine lettuce
  • Start by heating a frying pan on medium to high heat then add a little oil and gently place the burgers in the pan
  • Allow the burger to cook and nicely caramelize on one side before turning and repeating the process on the other side
  • Once the burger is nicely caramelized place them in the oven and allow to cook through for 5 minutes
  • While the burger is cooking you can use this time to toast your buns, slice your gherkins thinly and your lettuce into squares
  • To make the mayonnaise add a dessert spoon of red onion chutney to the mayo and combine well. Taste and adjust to your preference
  • Bring the burgers out the oven and cover each one with one slice of smoked cheese then return to the oven for 2 minutes to allow it to melt
  • To assemble the burger begin by spreading a generous quantity of red onion mayonnaise on each half of the buns. Place the burger on the bottom half of the bun followed by some gherkins and a square of lettuce. Place the top on and enjoy!
  • This burger works really well with chunky handcut chips!
Recipe by Galloway Beef Chef Ambassador Fraser Cameron.  Fraser is Sous Chef at Annandale Distillery and at The Globe Inn in Dumfries.