Healthier Burger

Galloway Beef may already be one of the healthiest meats around, but this burger topping takes it one step further, combining it with fresh avocado for a nutrient packed mouthful. This burger recipe combines creamy and crunchy toppings to create a perfect summertime meal that’s perfect served with a fresh salad.

  • 1 pack wholemeal rolls
  • 2 avocados
  • 100ml olive oil
  • 2 packs Galloway Beef burgers
  • 1 tub sour cream
  • 1 bunch spring onions
  • 1 pack cherry tomatoes
  • Begin by making the guacamole. To do this you will need to first take the avocado out of the skin, discard the stone then blend it in a blender with the olive oil and a little salt. Set to one side
  • It is now time to cook the burgers! Start by heating a frying pan on medium to high heat then add a little oil and gently place the burgers in the pan
  • Allow the burger to cook and nicely caramelize on one side before turning and repeating the process on the other side
  • Once the burger is nicely caramelized place them in the oven and allow to cook through for 5 minutes
  • While the burger is cooking you can use this time to toast your buns, slice your spring onions and tomatoes
  • To assemble the burger start by spreading a generous portion of guacamole on the bottom half of the bun. Then place the burger on top followed by a spoon of sour cream. Sprinkle some spring onions and tomatoes on top and finally the top of the roll.
  • This burger works well with a lovely summer salad

Recipe by Galloway Beef Chef Ambassador Fraser Cameron.  Fraser is Sous Chef at Annandale Distillery and at The Globe Inn in Dumfries.